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coroplast velocar
« on: July 17, 2013, 10:36:22 PM »
 Memorial Day weekend, I was at Portland International Raceway for the annual OHPV (Oregon Human Powered Vehicles) HPC (Human Power Challange) weekend races. I don't race myself but since they always need volunteer help, I go help out and take photos of what interest me. This year something wonderful happened. I was talking to the club president and looked to my right only to see a vehicle I know from YouTube. It's a pedal powered car based upon the lines of a Mochet Velocar from the 30's. What was funny was that I had intended to build one myself and take it to the HPC. Got wrapped up with the Gizmo and never got around to building my velocar. The rest of the days photo were dominated by the velocar. I've built several tandems for the wife and myself. The best were always social tandems. I enjoy ridding with my wife beside me; not so much with her in front or behind. Social is the way to go for myself. I do intend to build a velocar however mine will be an e-assist velocar. I have a small 300W geared hubmotor that I'll use in one of the rear wheels. Anyway, here are some photos of the velocar that will inspire my build.

 The owner and designer's name is Paul Elkins. He is from Washington. Paul is in my mind a master of design and building with coroplast. I'll finish this post with some links to his various projects.

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